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2024 Rates

Jeremy works with horse and rider and customizes the training based on the needs of the horse and rider. To maintain on-time schedules for all riders, lessons are targeted for 50 minutes but may be adjusted to ensure horses and handlers end on a good note.  
Individual Lessons or Training Rides

Haul-in Training (our place, your horse, we ride or you ride, approx 1 hour) 

$70 per session

Group Lesson (2-4 riders, working together, longer sessions) 

$60 per session


Full Time Training

$1,400/month   Includes training/lessons, private turnout with shelter

*  Full time training averages 5 rides and several short groundwork sessions per week.  Lessons are included.
*  Owner to provide any desired supplements. 

Other Services

Show Day Fee (trainer or assistant shows horse in eligible classes)

- $100 / day

Show Prep for Owner Shown Horse (includes bathing, tack load, haynets, etc.)

- $50

Hauling (additional fee will apply if haul is for a single horse)

- $0.50 / mile

   * We would love to have you join us for planned shows!  Spots are limited so please let us know your interest early.

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