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Trail Ride Clinic

Challenge your horse on natural obstacles found on the trail as Jeremy Dull assists.  Typical obstacles include change in terrain, logs, water, and locations of speed change.  Participants only complete obstacles they were comfortable with.  (Photos below from the Anderson Trail Ride)

Arena Trail Clinic

Arena Trail Clinic
Learn to maneuver man-made obstacles in a controlled arena setting.  Logs, gates, cones.  This simulates competitive trail events and helps to build communication between horse and rider.  (Photo below is Jeremy working Arena Trail obstacles)

Horsemanship Clinics

These sessions give you the opportunity to have group instruction, individual assistance, and learn from others.   
Clinic 1 - "From the Ground up"
Build a firm foundation on any age or skill level of horse.  Polish your foundation to build closer communication between horses and handler, address issues experienced both on the horse and off, or start a young horse right.  Facilities are based on clinic location.  Clinics held at Jeremy Dull facilities will have access to open arenas and multiple round pens. 
Clinic 2 - "Relaxxxxxx"
Suitable for all level of riders.  Learn to listen to your ride at the "Relaxxxxxx" clinic.  Riders will focus on horsemanship skills that help communication with a horse, lighter, softer, more efficient riding.  Riders will learn different exercises they can do at home and will learn to self evaluate. 
Clinic 3 - "Control by Energy"
Riders will work to control their horses by connection.  Riders will  learn how their energy controls the horse with speeding up and slowing down, using less rein and less leg. This is an excellent clinic for those wanting to compete in judged events. The clinic will complete with a demonstration of those riders that feel comfortable riding without bridle guidance. 

From the Group Up


Control By Energy

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